Healthy and Happy Heart Food

Healthy and Happy heart foods will keep our Heart young, healthy and we will be happy in good health. Just few simple things to FOLLOW and EAT that will keep our Heart healthy and will reduce the chances of heart dieses.  

Use Low Fat Oil for cooking

Avoid not good FATS and CHOLESTEROL

Use low fat and cholesterol control edible oils for cooking, replace butter with margarine and AVOID cream, chips, deep friend food and oily spicy gravy. LIMIT consumption of Ice creams, alcohol and food that contains lot of fat.

Include low in FAT Protein food   

Skin-Less Chicken Meat

Skim milk, legumes, cold water fish, skinless chicken meat, soyabeans and egg whites are easily available low fat protein food.  LIMIT consumption of red meat, sausages, bacon, eggs yolks and rich in fat dairy products.

Fruits and Vegetables are good for heart

Apple is good for heart

Most fresh fruits and freshly prepared vegetables are good for heart. LIMIT consumption of rich in fat fruits like Coconut. AVOID canned fruits, fruits and vegetables preserved in sugar syrup, high sodium packed vegetables, friend fruits and vegetables.

High in Fiber and Whole Grain Food helps Heart

Consume Brown Rice

High fiber foods like oatmeal help the cause of good heart. Whole grain breads, whole grain flour (atta), brown rice are good for heart food. LIMIT consumption of pies, cakes, biscuits, fried noodles, sweets and pastries, puri, paratha etc.


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