Desun Hospital review

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is a low cost affordable hospital. The hospital has established their brand as a people’s hospital and till date a large number of patients have been happily treated by this health care brand.

The hospital has been reviewed by many people, patients in people’s media online and large section does give very satisfactory review about the hospital to their friends and relatives.

Many online entities do also review the hospital as a very good hospital.

The low cost heart and other medical treatment facilities make the hospital a very popular hospital among people.

Many features galvanize to make it a very popular name in medical and health care, the location, transport network with 24 hours emergency admission facility, specialist doctors, ambulance assistance and above all deposit free admission has contributed to this quick growth.

The patient care and the admin department are very proactive and they proactively work round the clock to provide patients and people in the hospital all facilities available.

The medical response team is quick and is equipped with specialist doctors, trained nurses and other required people. High-end OTs,ICUs and ICCCUs  alongside other such facilities makes Desun hospital a good choice to patients.  The best review of Desun Hospital is when we see people and patients do visit us for repeat treatment of other medical complications and also with their friends and families.


About desunhospital

Affordable health care facilities at Desun Hospital and Heart Institute. State of the Art health care infrastructure and more than 700 surgery packages available. latest technique , modern equipment and experienced medical team makes Desun Hospital one the best choice for patients with heart and non heart health related ailments in kolkata, west Bengal and India. People from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and parts of South east Asia
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