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What is Atrial Myxoma?
It is a benign tumour of the heart, such tumours are commonly found within the left and right atria on the interatrial septum. Atrial Myxoma can be treated with surgical and medical procedures. Know More About Atrial Myxoma , Symptoms, Treatments, Surgery, Cost, Hospital

What are the available treatments for Myxoma?
The tumour must be removed surgically. Some patients will also need their mitral valve replaced. This can be done during the same surgery. Myxomas may come back if surgery did not remove all of the tumour cells. This surgery is well done in India and at Desun Hospital Kolkata there are expert surgeons who have experience of managing such surgeries.

What can be the approximate cost of treatment?
The surgery package for Atrial Myxoma starts at Rupees 1,30,000 at our hospital in Kolkata , India. Depending on the various other health condition of the patients and requirement the cost of surgery package may escalate. The usual package includes
• 3 days Hospital Stay
• Medicines, Consumables, Disposables & Investigations Related to the Procedure/ Package
• Doctor Team Fees
• Operation Theatre Charges
This cost of package for Artrial Myxoma is estimated for patients availing general bed category stay.

This starting price of surgery is well thought to provide quality medical care with other required facilities that are important for the surgery. Although depending on particular requirements the cost of surgery may vary.
What are the symptoms of Myxomas?
Symptoms may occur at any time, but most often they accompany a change of body position. Symptoms may be:
o Shortness of breath with and during activity
o Difficulty breathing in the upright position with relief in the supine position (a position of the body , lying with face up) known as Platypnoea
o Breathing difficulty when asleep known as Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
o Dizziness
o Fainting
o Sensation of feeling your heart beat known as Palpitation
o Chest pain or tightness
Other Symptoms are:
• Cough
• Fever
• Involuntary weight loss known as Cachexia
• General discomfort known as malaise
• Joint pain
• Blueness of skin, especially the fingers known as Raynaud’s phenomenon

How myxomas are diagnosed?
A few tests will be prescribed by the doctor to diagnose the myxomas, which may include:
• Echocardiogram and Doppler Study
• Chest X-Ray
• CT scan of chest
• Heart MRI
• Angiogram

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