Some Foods that Helps Enhance Creativity through Proper Function of the Brain

Creativity is a gift; it is largely controlled by our brain. We wish to be creative in some part of our life as being creative helps us express our stored emotions better. Creativity also represents our innovative thinking, imagination and realization.

Being born a person with creative mind if combined with right diet can enhance our creative abilities. 

Enhance Creativity

Enhance Creativity

Some Foods that Helps Enhance Creativity through Proper Function of the Brain

  1. Complex carbohydrates

 Brown Rice



Whole Wheat Breads


  1. Some Essential fatty Acids

 Flax Seeds


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil


  1. Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Citrus Fruits



Dark Leafy Vegetables

Green Tea

Dark Chocolate

Wheat Grass


Do take advice from Doctor before you fix your diet if you any health related problem.


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